Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato
Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato
Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato

Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato

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Maturing in 85 days, 'Dwarf Jade Beauty' boasts deep green, rugose potato leaf foliage and a sturdy central stem, reaching around four feet in height. Its fruits are sweet and round, weighing between two to five ounces, ripening to a green hue with a subtle pink blush on their blossom end. While predominantly stable as an open-pollinated variety, occasional off-type plants may still occur.

Introduced in 2011, 'Dwarf Jade Beauty' traces its origins back to a cross conducted in 2006 by Dwarf Tomato Project co-founder Patrina Nuske Small in Australia, blending 'Golden Dwarf Champion' with 'Green Giant'. The variety was carefully selected and christened by Craig LeHoullier, inspired by the gemstone Jade due to its fruit's reminiscent coloring. Alongside Craig, contributors to its development included Lisa Moore, Richard Watson (New Zealand), Howard Kushner, Russell Pietsch, and Bill Minkey. Each packet offers approximately 20 seeds.

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