seed growing
master course

Ready to learn how to grow the biggest crops of your dreams?
What You'll Learn

Unlock the secrets to successfully starting your own garden from experts Tate Dooley and Kyle Broge.

Discover how to choose the right seeds for your garden based on your goals and preferences.

Master the art of creating the ideal environment for your seedlings to thrive, ensuring healthy growth.

Learn essential timing strategies for transplanting your seedlings with precision and maximizing their chances of survival.

Explore effective methods for maintaining the health and vitality of your seedlings, including watering, fertilization, and pest control.

Develop the skills to troubleshoot common seedling problems and implement solutions for successful gardening.

Gain the knowledge and confidence to harvest and save seeds, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and self-sustainability.

And more!

Expert Resources

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be equipped with the skills to cultivate thriving gardens with confidence.

Join gardening experts Tate Dooley and Kelly Dooley in this enriching masterclass. Gain invaluable insights and practical techniques in Cultivate Thriving Gardens with Confidence, empowering you to nurture vibrant gardens and experience the joy of homegrown abundance.

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Seed Preparation

Selecting right seeds, deciphering seed packets, techniques for specific seeds.


Timing your transplanting, understanding local climate, preventing transplant shock.


Knowing when to harvest, the importance of seed saving for regenerative agriculture, & how to save seeds for future use.

Meet the Instructor

Tate Dooley

Tate has a background in large scale horticulture, has ran a successful 7-figure fertilizer company, and has an automated garden building company.

How the SEED STARTING BLUEPRINT has transformed lives


The Seed Starting Blueprint has been a game-changer for me. As a beginner gardener, I was clueless about where to start. This course provided clear step-by-step instructions and valuable tips that helped me successfully start my own seeds. I can't wait to see my garden flourish.

Jane W.
Denver, CO

I highly recommend Seed Starting Blueprint to any beginner gardener. The lessons are well-structured and easy to follow. Kyle and Tate's expertise really shines through in their guidance and demonstrations. I now feel confident in starting my own seeds and nurturing healthy seedlings.

Mark T.
Austin, TX

These guys really know their stuff! I was hesitant at first but am very glad I went through this course as I prevented a lot of mistakes had I done it all on my own!

Liam H.
New York City

This course was a lifesaver!! I was struggling to keep my seedlings alive, but Kyle showed me the way. Now I'm a proud gardener with happy plants. Thank you guys!

Sophie M.
London, UK

Seed Starting Blueprint was good. Some parts were a bit confusing, but I managed to figure it out. It's worth taking if you want to learn how to start seeds properly.

David P.
Brisbane, Australia

OMG, I can't believe how easy it is to start seeds after takin' this course! The instructors are super helpful and make it seem so simple. I'm loving my garden now. :)

Amanda K.
Los Angeles, CA

I never thought I could be so successful with seed starting until I enrolled in the Seed Starting Blueprint. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate, and their hands-on demonstrations were incredibly helpful. I loved the actionable tasks and the practical advice shared throughout the course. This program is a must for every beginner gardener!!!

Emily S.
Broomfield, CO

I'm grateful for the Seed Blueprint. The comprehensive modules covered everything I needed to know as a beginner gardener. The video demonstrations in the garden were particularly valuable, as they allowed me to see the techniques in action. Thanks to this course, I now have a thriving garden filled with healthy seedlings.

Mike R.
Phoenix, AZ

kelly dooley

Kelly is the wife to Tate and has been COO to Key to Life Supply Fertilizer company that has provided organic fertilizers to the agriculture industry since 2008.