Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake
Key to Uptake

Key to Uptake

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CCOF Certified Organic Product                       NOFA Certified Organic Product             


May aid in micronutrient availability!


Key to Uptake may aid in micronutrient availability!

Active Soil Amending Ingredients:
75% Humic Acid derived from Humalite
25% Total Other/Inert Ingredients

Directions For Use:
Root Drench: 1/2-1.25 tsp/gal H2O
Soil/Top Dress: 1/2-1 tsp/gal soil
Hydro/Aero: 1/2-1 tsp/gal H2O
Foliar: 1/4-1/2 tsp/gal H2O
Tea: 1/2-1 tsp/gal H2O

Use this product in the rooting/vegetative & fruiting/bloom stage of plant life.

Use dechlorinated/R.O./high quality H2O (quality may change seasonally). Keep nutrient mix/H2O aerated & below 73 degrees. Maintain proper pH levels, between 5.5-6.8. Monitor PPM & EC with meter. This is a supplement, use in addition to current regimen. Change nutrient mix every week.

Available Sizes: 2oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 10lb, 20lb, 50lb
Bulk: Call for BULK pricing & availability! (855) 695-3986

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This product can be used as a foliar spray, root drench, top dress or soil amendment.

Recommended application rate is 1-2g per gallons. Maxiumum application rate is 4g per gallon.

Most programs only need 1-2 applications per weeks. Root Drench applications can happen multiple times a day, every day if the program calls for it. Foliar applications should be no more frequent than 1-2 times per week.

This product can be used on seedlings, rooted clones, saplings, early vegetative, transition, flowering and late-stage fruiting plants.

This product is effective on pretty much anything that grows. All plants including vegetative plants, fruiting and flowering plants, succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants including shrubs, trees, grass and bushes, low-light plants and even large-scale agricultural crops.

This product is viable in solution for 5-7 days in an un-agitated reservoir and 7-14 days in an aerated and agitated container

Yes, absolutely. Due to the nature of this product and how it is derived, it is compatible with organic and synthetic nutrients alike.

In general, the desired pH for a plant nutrient solution should be between 5.3-6.2.

This product contains highly concentrated, plant-based, microbially-digested fulvic acid.

Yes, additional surfactancts work well to disperse this product over the leaf surface.

First and foremost, conecntration. At 97%+ concentration, Uptake is the highest concentration fulvic acid product on the market. Not only that, it is the ONLY plant-based fulvic available for commercial agriculture and home-gardening currently available. Lastly, its solubility makes it compatible with any system.

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Let's compare

May the best system win...

Mother Natures Master Molecule

Uptake will help to deliver micronutrients more efficiently.  Improve every aspect of a plant’s health and function.

Small Carbon Footprint

Our packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint, has more active ingredient, & is cheaper in the long run than any other brand out currently on the market.


Detoxify Your Plants

Uptake is a revolutionary solution that enhances plant health and function by delivering micronutrients more efficiently. Dubbed as Mother Nature's master molecule, it has numerous benefits for plants, including improved nutrient uptake, increased essential oil production, enhanced cellular function, and optimized CO2/O2 exchange.


Boost Cell Function

We refer to Uptake as the bus driver of the humic/fulvic relationship because it acts as a reliable transporter of nutrients, delivering them precisely to where they are needed within the plant.


Unlock Growth Potential

With its ability to boost cellular function, improve nutrient uptake and enhance essential oil production, Uptake plays an important role in ensuring optimal growth and health for plants.

for the best garden you’ve ever grown

FLourish like never before

Plants thrive with the help of a special amino acid that enhances circulation in the xylem and phloem. This nutrient, nitrogen, promotes cell replication and division through processes like mitosis and meiosis, and energizes photosynthesis.

Unlock New heights

Unlock the full potential of your prized crop with a powerful combination of amino acids and plant-friendly nitrogen. Revitalize boosts calcium uptake, promoting robust bilateral branch growth and vitality.

Better for tomorrow

All of our products leave the least possible carbon footprint possible.  By using our product we use less water, no synthetics, & you receive a higher percentage active ingredient opposed to water fertilizers.

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