Nearly double your property value and feed your family?

In times of social and financial uncertainty, it's important to look inward at what we can do in order to secure our future. Being able to invest in yourself, your family, and the health and safety of future generations is key. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to make an investment into your property that can also feed your family, significantly increase your property value, and teach your children about the merits of eating healthy with food that you have grown yourself. Maximizing the value of the square footage in your yard can swiftly contribute to your financial future!

A substantial backyard garden can bring exponential value to your family and your property. A recent article ( suggests that in some places, adding a backyard garden can increase your property value up to 77%! This is pretty significant considering that in those areas, an extension only adds 37% and a new kitchen only adds 26%!! If you're interested in growing healthy, n food for you and your family that you know hasn't been sprayed or treated with harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, mildewcides, or insecticides, starting a backyard garden/farm can be the first step. Can you imagine a world where every one of your neighbors is growing healthy food and sharing it with each other; where they utilize more of their land space to cultivate local produce instead of just growing and mowing grass? Well, the Backyard Farming Supply family is here to help!

We here at Backyard Farming Supply have built a network of joint venture partners, sister companies, and collaborative like-minded team members to not only get you started but help you every step of the way. A quality backyard garden that replaces the traditional grass lawn can increase the value of your property so much, that it might even double! A combination of low-rise beds for shallow rooting plants, high-rise beds for deep rooting plants, herb plots, fruit trees, and flowering plants that encourage the presence of pollinators will significantly increase your home's value. Not only can we help build and establish these things, but we will show you how to maintain them for years to come. Backyard farming is easier than you think!!

On top of all of these financial benefits, the moral benefits of knowing where your food comes from, watching it grow before your eyes, harvesting it yourself, and teaching your family the value of eating healthy organic food is almost unquantifiable. When grocery store's stocks are questionable in times of doubt, maintaining the health of your family by feeding them nutrient-dense food can be the most important investment that you can make in your future.


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