Iluminar iL1c 330W LED Grow Light

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The iL1c is the slim LED that packs a punch without hurting your energy meter.

NOTE: Power Cords for all Iluminar LEDs are SOLD SEPARATELY. We have an option at the top to choose your desired voltage of power cord.

The ILUMINAR iL1c 330W LED delivers a tuned Full Spectrum for sensitive plants and low wattage requirements, in a sleek, single bar design.

The "c" stands for clones. If you need lower watts in order to support cloning, opt for the iL1c.

The iL1 and iL1c LEDs are ideal for a greenhouse environment, when LED supplemental light is needed but not the complete coverage that an HPS fixture would offer. The slim design is made to fit right under a support beam in order to add lighting without creating a shadow footprint in your greenhouse.

The low shadow profile design of the iL1 and iL1c LED allows it to perform with a minimal shadow footprint making it the ultimate choice in greenhouses as well as advanced contiguous Light Deprivation Greenhouses.

The iL1 and iL1c uses a unique offset, extended-linear thermal heat management system to run cool and deliver a full spectrum array of LEDs which means that this fixture can be used during every stage of your grow.

The entire iL1 Series consists of:

The full spectrum iL1 LED gives the master horticulturist options for unique applications. Save more energy during the early vegetative cycle with this fully controllable LED bar. Use with the Iluminar Touch Controller or the NEW HASH Controller.


  • Emitter Type: LED Diodes (various spectrums available)

  • Spectrum Tuned: Full Spectrum Growth / Customized Spectrum

  • Rated Mains Voltage: Smart Sensing™ 120V - 277V

  • Dimming: 0-10V Controllable

  • Mounting Height: >18” to top of Canopy

  • Emitter Cooling: Passive Thermal Management

  • Waterproof Rating: IP65 for Damp Locations

  • LED Lifespan (90% of Life): 54,000+ Operational Hours

  • Dimensions: 39.38" x 5.1" x 7.9" (L x W x H)

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