Cyclone Brewer

Size: 25 gal
Sale price$1,449.00


Extremely light weight and easy to use. The Cyclone spins the water in one direction, your choice by order. Operation is as easy as fill it with water, add Key to Life Nutrients or Easy Life Blends dry powders, turn on air pump, and use when ready! * Cyclone Brewers are not fitted with a single (1) recirculation tube/arm, instead of three (3). New photos coming soon!


  • Bigger yields

  • Healthier plants

  • Saves money

  • High dissolved oxygen

  • More beneficial microbes

  • Plumb into any system

  • Non-electromagnetic air pump

  • Easy to use

  • Self-cleaning

* Contact us to inquire on current Brewer availability and for S&H quote. Call (303) 955-7838 or eMail

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